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Experience Unmatched Precision and Comfort

SiteSeal® redefines vascular closure with a single-use, non-invasive solution that ensures effective hemostasis and exceptional patient comfort. Engineered for electrophysiology (EP) and large bore procedures, SiteSeal® adapts seamlessly to any patient’s size and needs, providing reliable performance every time. This FDA Market Cleared device addresses the limitations of traditional VCDs, offering a simple, atraumatic method that guarantees secure vessel closure with minimal complications, ensuring the highest standards of care for all patients.

The Ultimate Vascular Closure for EP and Large Bore Procedures

  • Cost-Effective Solution

    • Superior Efficiency: One SiteSeal® device can close a site regardless of the number of sheaths, making it more cost-efficient than other VCDs by reducing the need for multiple devices.

    • Minimized Procedural Costs: Designed to minimize procedural costs by reducing recovery times and hospital stays, while eliminating the need for additional interventions.

  • Patient Comfort Redefined: Unmatched patient comfort with immediate head elevation to 30 degrees, unrestricted leg movement, and the ability to take nourishment, eliminating patient discomfort and complaints.

  • Versatility Unmatched: SiteSeal® closes any size vascular access sheath, including multiple sheaths within a single vessel, making it ideal for large bore and EP procedures.

  • Enhanced Mobility: Promotes early ambulation post-procedure.

  • Safety First: Nothing is left behind, reducing the risk of vessel wall injury, infection, or embolization.

  • Rapidity and Reliability: Simple, quick deployment for efficient and effective closure.

Key Features:

Optimized for EP and Large Bore Procedures

Perfect for Complex Cardiac Interventions

As the need for EP related treatments such as atrial fibrillation grows, SiteSeal® excels in both EP and large bore applications. Its ability to handle arterial and venous systems, including large bore sheaths, with a single device ensures versatility. SiteSeal® uniquely closes multiple sheaths within a single vessel, maintaining patient safety and comfort by leaving nothing behind. This adaptability makes it the preferred choice for complex procedures.

Exceptional Safety and Cost Efficiency

Engineered for Superior Performance

SiteSeal® outperforms invasive VCDs with its user-friendly, non-traumatic, non-invasive design. FDA Market Cleared and adaptable to all patient types, it ensures secure closures while enhancing patient safety and comfort. This enhances patient safety and comfort while significantly reducing procedural costs and recovery times, making it the most cost-effective choice for modern healthcare.

SiteSeal breaks the mold with its inclusive design. It's suitable for all patients, including those who are morbidly obese or have calcification. SiteSeal ensures that every patient receives the best care, without limitations.

Designed for All Patients

Not limited by sheath size, including EVAR, TEVAR, TAVI

Simple & rapid deployment

Immediate re-access

Faster recovery and improved patient comfort

Nothing left behind

Faster ambulation time

No patient limitations, including morbid obesity and calcification

In a study of 138 patients undergoing electrophysiology (EP) procedures, three types of vascular closure devices—Vascade (collagen plug), Perclose (suture), and SiteSeal® (external compression)—were compared. The study found no significant differences in arterial access complications among the groups, while the incidence of venous complications and time to ambulation were similar across device types. Notably, SiteSeal® showed no hematomas or delayed access-site bleeding, suggesting its effectiveness in minimizing vascular complications during EP procedures.

Read more at the American Heart Association →

Why SiteSeal®

SiteSeal® Placement

SiteSeal® Removal

Why Patients Love SiteSeal®: Comfort, Safety, and Peace of Mind

Follow-Up Care Tailored to You
SiteSeal® minimizes complications, allowing you to focus on recovery without additional interventions. Always follow your doctor’s post-procedure instructions for the best outcome.

Designed for All Patients
Adaptable for a wide range of EP procedures and patients, SiteSeal® is FDA cleared for both arterial and venous access closures, It's meticulously designed to accommodate patients of all shapes and sizes, ensuring everyone receives the best care.

Rapid Recovery and Enhanced Comfort
Experience significantly reduced recovery times, crucial for electrophysiology (EP) procedures. With SiteSeal®, enjoy immediate mobility and the ability to eat and drink right after your procedure, ensuring maximum comfort during your recovery.

Non-Invasive and Highly Effective
Unlike other VCDs, SiteSeal® uses a non-invasive approach that ensures nothing is left behind, reducing complication risks.

Patient-Centric Care with SiteSeal® - Ensuring optimal outcomes and a smooth recovery for every patient, setting new standards in patient care and clinical outcomes.

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