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Ensite Vascular SiteSeal

The SiteSeal devices are expertly designed to emulate the natural process of manual compression, while significantly reducing the variability often associated with traditional methods. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures that absolutely nothing is left behind – no foreign materials within the vessel, vessel wall, or surrounding soft tissues.

Experience the pinnacle of patient comfort and safety. SiteSeal and SiteSeal SV are meticulously engineered to minimize patient discomfort, drastically reduce the risk of complications, and offer a more cost-effective solution for healthcare providers.

Versatility at its best: Our devices are uniquely capable of securely closing any access site sheath, including handling multiple sheaths within a single vessel. This feature is particularly beneficial for complex electrophysiology (EP) procedures, where precision and reliability are paramount.

Choose SiteSeal for a seamless, safer, and more efficient vascular closure experience, setting a new standard in patient care and clinical outcomes.

SiteSeal SV


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